Which is Better Aluminum or Steel?

Are you ready for a new garage door? You know you need one made out of metal—but did you know that you have options? If your wondering which one steel or aluminum overhead doors will guide you. They will tell you that there is no “right” answer to that question. It depends on your homes style, needs, and budget.

aluminum or steel garage doors

As you read this blog, we hope to give you some clear insight and guidelines on how to choose between steel and aluminum for your new garage door.

Steel Garage Doors

When shopping for garage doors, steel is by far the most popular, and with good reason. Budget. Steel garage doors likely offer the best bang for your buck, in most situations. Steel is exceptionally durable and most likely to last as long as your home.

Based on its popularity, it’s pretty easy to find the right sized steel garage door for your home. Did you know that steel doors are customizable so you can get the style you want?  Along with adding some curb appeal.

Aluminum Garage Doors

While both Aluminum and Steel garage doors share many characteristics, aluminum is a lighter metal than steel. Aluminum doors also tend to be less expensive than steel, so cost wise aluminum doors can be a good option for homeowners looking to save money on their garage door replacement.

What Questions Do I Ask When Deciding Between Steel & Aluminum Garage Doors?

There are several things to consider when choosing a type of garage door. Questions you should ask yourself include:

What is my budget? If cost is a concern, many people have leaned towards the aluminum model. If durability and unique features are what you are looking at, then steel is another option. However, higher-quality aluminum doors can rival steel in price.

Steel on the other hand is a bit more durable so that it may be more valuable over the years.
When caring if you want a rusty garage door

Aluminum is a much more rust-resistant material than steel. Using a protective coating will help prevent it. So if a steel door is your, final decision, make sure it is well coated!

How dent-resistant do I want my doors to be?

While Aluminum doors ok steel is much stronger.  If you’re worried about storms and replacing them because of the damage that they may bring with tree branches and other debris toward your home, a steel door might be the better option.

Best Garage Door Replacement is Steel

Whether you choose steel or aluminum Overhead Door Company of Fort Wayne can help you with your garage door project. If you’re not sure whether a steel or aluminum garage door is the best for your home, we’ll discuss your needs and budget to help and guide you in the right direction.

Everything from quality to insulation, steel is the number one choice for garage doors. It’s simply the go-to choice for many homes from the west coast to the east coast. Many consider steel because it’s budget friendly and it’s customizable so you can pick out any style and color you want.