Vinyl Windows vs Wood Windows

Here it is, folks! It’s the fighting event of the year! It has come down to the two most popular choices for replacement windows, either vinyl or wood windows. The benefit of wood windows is a battle of the century in every town and state across America. Who will it be?

Vinyl Windows vs Wood Windows

Pros and Cons of Wood Windows

This classic wood window has a lot to offer.  Weighing approximately 20-30 pounds per average window, you will have a close relationship with these windows. You will get to know every corner of the frame when you clean it.

Maintaining wood windows can be tedious if you do not start with a good quality window. Think about how well you will know all the angles, corners, and designs when you have to sand, scrape, and repaint it.

You will need to check the cladding and regularly trim for cracks that can potentially allow water to penetrate the wood frame. A moist or wet wood frame can lead to a whole lot of trouble. Treating the windows with a water-repellent preservative is very important.

If a warped frame shows weakness, it might knock out the wood window. The cost of wood windows vs. vinyl is significant, considering wood windows are more expensive than vinyl.

However, when it comes to beauty, elegance and class there is no other kind than wood. Wood windows from Window Nation are made from durable ponderosa pine with glass systems that meet the most stringent ENERGY STAR requirements.

Being that Wood windows are also very customizable to your own specific style whether it is painted, stained, or even clad with other materials Window Nation makes it easy to make the best decision when it comes to windows.

Issues and Benefits of Vinyl Windows

Weighing approximately 8 to 12 pounds per average size window This new, sleek vinyl replacement is made and customized your needs. With many colors and styles to choose from this is YOUR window. A robust and independent window will not require as much time to maintain and money to replace.

The best thing about vinyl is that there is no worry for warping and moisture because there are no wood components. One of the other benefits of vinyl is the money you save on your energy bill. Making sure the temperature is stable in your home makes vinyl windows a wise choice.

The durable, reliable, and efficient, sleek window will not fail you when you go with vinyl windows.

Wood Windows vs. Vinyl Windows: You Decide The Winner!

If a traditional look and style are more to your liking than Wood windows may be the right choice, but that does not mean that they are the best windows to choose. Because of all the advantages of vinyl homeowners are replacing their wooden windows for vinyl.

When looking at the pros and cons, Vinyl reigns supreme. Replacing wood windows with vinyl is the best decision you can make for your home. They are more cost-effective, more accessible to maintain,  and energy efficient.  These are three reasons why choosing vinyl windows over wood windows is the smart choice.